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admin February 18, 2012 DVD & Game Rental Free 30 Day Trial
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Status: Active to UK residents
: Free 30 Day Trial have DVD’s sent to you for free
Cost to User: None
How User Receives: Sent fast with 1st class postage for free
Special Offer: Free £5 credit to spend in the shop

In 2009, when Amazon bought into LoveFilm, they vastly improved their service. With much better customer reviews, LoveFilm are one of the largest movie DVD’s and games distributors in the UK. Just check their website for the latest titles: they have over 65000 items now, including movies in DVD, Blu Ray, HD and now you can even watch online. Plus games from PSP, PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360 and more!

Sign up for a free 30-day trial now and immediately order many movies/games for free by clicking here. They will be sent to you shortly. You will not have to pay for the service during this time. You will immediately see how fast they despatch the titles (1st class free postage always), and even include handy wallets allowing you to send the cd’s back to them for free. Keep a title for as long as you want. No late fees ever! Just send it back when you are finished.

Special Offer – Now when you sign up for the 30 day free trial, you receive a £5 credit for you to spend in the LoveFilm shop on whatever you like! This is a limited offer so apply quickly to take full advantage of it.

If you are not happy with the service, you can cancel once the 30 days are up without being charged at all! But I assure you, you will want to stay on. You can not lose out on this 5-star offer!

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I am impressed. They send it within 1 day they recieve the next and the next day ill have more dvds to watch. I also like the idea of games and will be looking foward to getting that package in the near future. Steve

I think its great for what it is and have reccomended other people join up. Tommo