How a Student Can Make Money

admin March 28, 2012
How a Student Can Make Money

Many college students need extra money to pay for meals, supplies or just entertainment. Because of a heavy class load, some students cannot take on even a part time job. There are ways that students can make extra money without a job.

When searching for ways to make extra money from home, it is important to know that there are so called opportunities out there that are just scams. When I was a freshman in college my roommate and I got excited about the “envelope stuffing job” until one of our parents informed us that it was not for real. Something that sounds to good to be true probably is. Finally, jobs that require that you pay a “fee” for membership or shipping are ones to avoid.

1. Sign up to your local job agency
2. Check your local supermarket and library for a job
3. Check or for jobs
4. Don’t give up!

Luckily, there are legitimate ways to make extra money working from home or from a college dorm.

Students who are proficient in using a computer can make extra money several ways. Many small businesses or independent professionals need assistance but not a full time employee. Therefore they will hire virtual assistants for a few administrative jobs or for ongoing support. Students who can create webpages can help people get their business online. Alternately, students can create their own websites and earn money through affiliate marketing programs. All in all there are quite a few ways that students can make money using their computer.

Finding opportunities is easier than ever now when using the internet. There are many job boards that can provide information such as or

Students may be able to find odd jobs around their campus or city. Mystery shopping is one fun way that students can earn extra money by dining out or shopping. More information on mystery shopping can be found at Students should always check the job boards on campus as they will often have temporary job opportunities posted.

Whether college students make extra money from their home, on campus or off, it can be a big help to a student who is in need of just a little extra cash. Students who are creative and resourceful will find the extra income that they need.

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